Contact center/ call center solution

A contact centre is a consolidated office used for sending and receiving telephonic requests at a larger volume. A contact centre is usually operated by a call center solution provider company to support information queries from customers and control product support.

Why is it important to hire a call center solution provider?

Contact centres can be used for both inbound and outbound communication. Contact center agents use web-chat, phone, email or other communication channels to interact with customers. The contact center infrastructure needed for supporting communication can be located externally or on the same premises as the contact center. Companies owning contact centers also own and manage their own software and hardware. This requires IT investments and staffing so some companies choose to outsource these tasks to call center solution providers.

Different types of contact center services

Cloud contact center

Cloud based or cloud contact centers are hosted on a cloud provider's internet server and from this point, all in and outbound communications get filtered. Cloud based contact centers can be accessed anywhere via the internet and functions the same as other contact centers.

Hosted contact centers

Those are called hosted contact centers where the customer service center infrastructure is outsourced to another company and that company manages the systems externally. In this way, companies get a better return on investment as upfront cost and maintenance of the infrastructure gets minimized.

Virtual contact center

A virtual contact center enables the employed agents to work remotely from home. This provides flexibility and comfort to the agents and in the meanwhile lowers the costs of the company.

Technologies that call center solution providers use:

In Winsome, the offshore BPO setup, we provide the best call center solution for different problems. Our expert agents serve customers across the globe by providing accurate business solutions. We take consistency very seriously that is why there is not even a single day when we failed to maintain it. Following are the technologies that we use to serve our clients:

  • Automatic call distributor system: A computerized system analyzing incoming calls and distributing the calls based on various factors.
  • Email response management system: This is used for collecting and analyzing customer inquiries received via email and then routing the inquiries to the suitable agent.
  • Interactive voice response system: This is a computer-based system enabling the customers to use a keypad or voice commands to provide information without any assistance from any human agent.
  • Knowledge management system: This helps to cut down agent training time as information can be easily searched on this central repository of information.
  • TTY/ TDD communications: A telecommunication device for people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.
  • Workforce management system: This is a computerized system that helps in scheduling and staffing agents and managing their performance.

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